VW Tiguan Allspace side view

The Tiguan Allspace

Space for adventure 

The Tiguan Allspace will take you to some of the world’s most beautiful and exciting places. And offers plenty of space into the bargain. 

The Tiguan Allspace has many highlights. Check out these three:

Space availability

Seven seats en route to your destination

Man opens the boot of the VW tiguan Allspace with his foot under the car

Easy Open

Easy to open. Easy to close. Nice and easy

Illustration of a VW Tiguan Allspace driving on a road, sound waves symbolize cameras and sensors


Seven seats en route to your destination

Is space the new luxury? Then the Tiguan Allspace is a true luxury vehicle. Thanks to the optional third row of seating, it carries up to seven people and has a luggage compartment volume of up to 1,920 litres. An especially handy feature:  in a single motion, you can fold down the outer seats on the third and second rows of seating to make space for long objects – without having to put them down.