Volkswagen Genuine Engine Oil and Operating Fluids

From engine performance to braking force: With our engine oils and operating fluids, your Volkswagen can put in a top performance. And has a longer vehicle life.

Time for an oil change? The service interval display in the main display will remind you

A VW service employee makes an oil change in flexible or fixed service on a VW car

Your owner’s manual will inform you when it’s time for an oil change. There are two types of interval when it comes to changing the engine oil:

  • Flexible service:
    According to the service interval display, but at the latest after two years or 30,000 km.
  • Fixed service:
    Every 10.000 km, but at least once a year.

Important: A high number of short distances and cold starts may reduce the time between the intervals. You can inform yourself on our pages about maintenance and inspection intervals.

A VW service employee refills AdBlue® into a Volkswagen

Volkswagen Genuine Coolant Additive G13

Maximum protection at maximum performance

VW coolant additive G13 is filled into a Volkswagen

Our coolant also works under considerable pressure, for example at temperatures as low as -40 °C. At the same time, the innovate recipe protects against limescale, corrosion, acids and has anti-freeze properties. Also suitable for cars with fully aluminium engines.

  • On a basis of renewable and recycled raw materials:
    Saves approximately 35,000 t of CO2 per year with the first fill of all Volkswagen alone.
  • Protects the engine, protects materials:
    Tailor-made for the materials found in the cooling system. Protects the engine against extreme temperatures, corrosion, acidification and limescale.
  • Suitable for mixing:
    With the predecessor products G11, G12 and G12 plus.
Strong in the face of dirt – protects your car

Volkswagen Genuine Screenwash

Without screenwash concentrate, you’ll always have a clear view. It also protects your windscreen and the windscreen washer system against frost and limescale – without leaving any stains on your paintwork. Did you know that there are seasonal differences? In winter, use the concentrate with anti-freeze protection.