The right wheels and tyres for your car 

Your tyres are your only contact with the road. Discover information, products and services concerning your wheels and tyres right here – for summer, winter or the whole year.

A woman on a skateboard drives past a red VW up! Join with summer tyres
Summer wheels and tyres

Gives heat the cold shoulder

The wheels of your Volkswagen play an important part in your driving safety – and make a real difference to the whole look of the car. With Volkswagen summer complete wheels, you’ll be well-prepared – as soon as temperatures exceed 7 °C, summer tyres are the clear winner.

Your benefits

  • Increased safety on dry and wet summer roads:
    Thanks to enhanced traction, greater cornering stability and a shorter braking distance.
  • Less wear at high temperatures:
    The special rubber compound remains more solid, even at high asphalt temperatures.
  • Lower fuel consumption:
    Summer tyres have a low rolling resistance, thereby saving fuel. 
A man next to his silver VW car with summer tyres – VW wheels and tyres
Winter wheels and tyres

Wheels for the cold season

Below 7 °C? When the winter weather arrives, you should make sure you have the right winter tyres: specifically developed for colder temperatures, ice and snow. With the complete winter wheels from Volkswagen, you’ll always be well-equipped. 

A woman and a man next to their red car with VW winter tyres in a snowy landscape

Your benefits

  • Increased degree of safety in the cold season:
    Grip and shorter braking distance in temperatures below 7 °C – even in the rain and snow.
  • Strong grip on winter roads:
    The tyre tread drains water and ensures better lateral traction.
  • More grip in ice and snow:
    Tread compound, profile and profile blades are ideally adjusted to winter conditions.

Developed for ice and snow

The components of winter tyres are specially constructed for driving on winter roads.

Thanks to the high proportion of natural rubber, the contact surface mix remains soft, even at low temperatures. The tread ensures a strong grip on wintry roads. It drains water, allowing better lateral traction, and snow can press into the wide grooves. The profile blades enable a good grip on icy and snowy surfaces. When setting off, the fine incisions result in a large number of grip edges, which lock into the ground. Since snow sticks best to more snow, the blades are able to pick it up off the road surface.

An orange VW vehicle with winter tyres in a snowy landscape
Winter tyre labelling 
Illustration of a VW winter tyre with the M+S labelling

M+S labelling

M+S or M/S and MS stands for mud and snow. Given that there are no winter test criteria for tyres that feature this label, every manufacturer can use it. It therefore only provides limited information on the winter properties. Until now, the label provided sufficient proof that the tyre fulfilled the requirement to have appropriate winter tyres in certain weather conditions. However, for tyres produced from 1st January 2018 onwards, this no longer applies: the snowflake symbol is mandatory. 

Illustration of a VW winter tyre with the snowflake symbol

Snowflake symbol

The snowflake symbol, or alpine symbol, or 3PMSF symbol is mandatory for all winter tyres produced from 1st January 2018 onwards. This is because tyres with this symbol have passed a comparative braking test in snowy conditions. But no need to panic – if you already have winter tyres, they don’t need to be replaced immediately. There is a transition phase: M+S tyres that were produced prior to 31st December 2017 can still be used up until 30th September 2024. 

A turquoise VW T-Roc with all-season wheels on a parking place with view on the sea
All-season wheels and tyres 

Your solution for the whole year

Also known as all-weather tyres: They combined balanced properties for both summer and winter weather conditions.

You save yourself the second set of tyres and don’t need to change them – sounds pretty good. All-season tyres are a compromise – they combine features of summer and winter tyres. However, given their qualities, they are generally inferior to summer or winter tyres when it comes to driving performance. The trade-off in design: Either winter performance or wet weather performance is improved at the expense of the other discipline. 

A woman with a yellow bag leans against her blue VW vehicle with a wheel/tyre combination for the summer
On the road with complete wheels

For summer, winter or the whole year

Our wheels are characterised by a tailor-made wheel-tyre combination, which is perfectly matched – both visually and technically – to your vehicle. And by excellent contact with the road – thanks to our collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers.

Your benefits

  • Increased safety:
    Special testing procedures for alloy rims confirm a high level of safety.
  • Modern design:
    Whether sporty or elegant, from the up! to the Arteon: Choose from a range of colours and designs from our Accessories rims collection.
  • Checks:
    Each individual wheel is given an excellent circular and axial run-out measurement, as well as a residual unbalance check.
  • Durability:
    Protects tyres by way of a simple reconnection procedure. 

The degree of safety of our complete wheels is proven by:

  • Comprehensive strength tests
  • Endurance tests
  • Vehicle tests
  • Material and surface checks 
Tyre bags 

Damp cellar air and improper storage cause your tyres to become porous and brittle: Our versatile tyre bag set prevents this from happening. Plus, thanks to the convenient marking on the outside, you know right away which tyre goes where. For further information please contact your Volkswagen Partner. 

VW tyre bags – Volkswagen Accessories Exterior
Illustration of the inside of an AirStop® tyre with sealing technology, that protects the tyre from pressure loss in case of damage

Passes almost every acid test

Driven over kerbs, nails or glass shards? With the self-sealing AirStop® tyres, you won’t have to worry about any of that anymore – thanks to the sealing technology. The tyre sealant inside covers foreign objects and closes off the puncture without any loss of pressure. That way, you can make your way to the nearest Volkswagen Partner at the same speed without losing a single second. Fewer flat tyres, more mobility. 

Your benefits

  • More driving comfort:
    No pressure loss after a puncture: Driving behaviour remains stable.
  • Protects against numerous damages:
    Full protection, even in the event of several punctures.
  • Same driving comfort:
    In comparison to standard tyres.
  • Saves space and fuel:
    Due to elimination of the spare wheel. 

Our AirStop® programme 

Safe on the road – AirStop® tyres are filled with a viscous mass which seals against punctures of up to 5 mm in depth and prevents pressure loss in the tyre. Your driving behaviour remains stable and you can drive trouble-free to your nearest Volkswagen Partner. Take a look at this special feature in the video.

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